Different Flavors of Fish

Based on smell and taste, fish are generally divided into three categories: mild, medium, and strong.

Mild Flavor

Most white fish, such as tilapia, halibut, cod, and tropical fish, are considered to have a mild flavor. However, they sometimes have a subtle, sweet, and buttery taste. This is why these fish are the first choice for beginners, those who are just starting to eat seafood.

Medium Flavor

Fish like tuna and bonito also have a light color but have a slightly stronger smell and taste than the mild type. The flavor of this type of fish can be enhanced with salsa and vinaigrette.

Strong Flavor

Fatty fish fall into this category, including salmon, mackerel, kingfish, anchovies, and sardines. These have a stronger flavor compared to other types of fish. Because they contain more omega-3 fats, they are very beneficial for the heart.